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Headed by Dr David Moreau at The University of Auckland, the Brain Dynamics Lab focuses on the variability inherent to behavioral and neural systems, in the context of normal development, neurological diseases and disorders, and as a result of interventions.


Specifically, research in the lab centers on three main goals:

(1) Theoretical: understanding the mechanisms underlying behavioral and neural change; 

(2) Methodological: refining the measurements and methods to evaluate these dynamics;

(3) Translational: designing and implementing interventions to improve mental and physical health.

We pursue these three intertwined lines of research in the hope to further our understanding of typical and disordered brains, with the overall goal to facilitate personalized approaches to intervention.



Dr David Moreau 
Principal Investigator
Dr Stephanie Nelson
PhD Candidate
Bruce Peng
PhD Candidate
Mercedes Mudgway
Masters Student
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Lucy Jevons
Honours Student
Hae Yeon Seol
Honours Student
Dr Kristina Wiebels
Postdoctoral Fellow
Christoph Bamberg
PhD Candidate
Eric Rosentreter
PhD Candidate
Khan Buchwald
Masters Student
Patricia Banquil
Honours Student
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Grace Lourie
Research Assistant
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Samantha Ashton
Summer Student
Maisy Tarlow
Research Associate
Athulya Rathnayake
Summer Student
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Dr Nicole McKay
Research Associate


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