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Conducting and Disseminating Meta-Analyses

  • Format: In-person or online

  • Duration: Two-Day Workshop

  • Includes: Comprehensive workshop notes and reference materials, access to statistical package and certification of completion

  • In-House Resource: 

Moreau & Gamble (2022), Psychological Methods


This workshop aims to equip attendees with the skills necessary to conduct and effectively disseminate meta-analyses. Meta-analysis is a key statistical tool used for combining results from different studies to identify patterns, common findings, or discrepancies. The workshop will cover the entire process, from identifying relevant literature to publishing the findings, focusing on both methodology and communication.


Key Topics

  • Introduction to Meta-Analysis

  • Literature Search and Study Selection

  • Statistical Methods in Meta-Analysis

  • Assessing Heterogeneity and Publication Bias

  • Writing and Publishing Meta-Analysis Reports

  • Best Practices for Data Presentation and Dissemination


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles and steps involved in conducting a meta-analysis.

  • Develop skills to perform comprehensive literature searches and select appropriate studies.

  • Learn to apply statistical methods specific to meta-analysis.

  • Assess and address heterogeneity and publication bias in meta-analyses.

  • Acquire the expertise to write and publish effective meta-analysis reports.

  • Master techniques for presenting meta-analysis findings to different audiences.


Who Should Attend?

Ideal for researchers, academics, healthcare providers, postgraduate students and anyone involved in systematic reviews and research synthesis. Prior knowledge of basic statistical concepts is recommended.


Why Attend?

  • Develop a highly valuable skillset in research synthesis and evidence-based analysis.

  • Enhance the impact and visibility of your research work.

  • Improve your ability to critically evaluate meta-analyses in your field.

  • Network with professionals from various disciplines involved in research synthesis.



The workshop will include a combination of lectures, hands-on practical sessions, group discussions, and case studies. Participants will engage in exercises that simulate real-world meta-analysis scenarios.

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