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Workshops, Seminars,
& Consulting

Conducting and Disseminating Meta-Analyses

Learn how to conduct, interpret, and write-up impactful, high-quality meta-analyses.

Understanding and Leveraging Bayesian Statistics

Learn to understand and use Bayesian statistics in your research and professional endeavours.

Forecasting and Predictive Modelling

Learn the concepts and techniques of forecasting and predictive modelling, with direct applications to real-world problems.

Making Research


Learn how to implement robust, dependable research ecosystems with reproducible pipelines.

Building and Implementing Large Language Models

Learn to build, train, and implement large language models (e.g., GPTs) for industry and research.


Hear about the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and education, and its applications to real-world issues.

Building Insight with

Data Visualisations

Learn how to create high-quality visualisations for your presentations and publications.

Introduction to Statistical Modelling

Learn the basics of statistical modelling, with an emphasis on real-world data and actionable insight.


We offer consulting for data analysis projects, statistical analyses, forecasting, predictive modelling, and more.

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